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In Writing on December 11, 2009 at 1:09 am

My fingers blurred on the keyboard. It was a beautiful moment; the words pouring out of me, flowing, cleansing. I felt a distant pressure on my thigh, but ignored it, too caught up in the moment. Images whizzed through my head, a distillation of a lifetime. A feather touch swept across my shoulders. But I focused on the screen before me.

I leaned back, content with a job well done. Absently I dropped my hand to the head in my lap. But she wasn’t there. I turned, panicking, but my heart was gone as well. Events came crashing home as the pain I’d kept at bay for a year plummeted into the void that was my heart.

I sat there, chin on my chest, weeping. How long I huddled in misery I’ll never know. I was brought back from the brink by a gentle hand squeezing my shoulder. Helped to reclaim my sanity with a wet nose pressed just so. They showed me that dear departed friends were with me in my moment of triumph and that life is worth living.

By:  Ben Pollard


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