Short stories, Flash fiction, and Novel Excerpts

A Great Weight

In Writing on December 20, 2009 at 1:19 am

The Chair groaned as the man eased his doughy flesh onto the wooden seat.  His small black eyes, veiled in flaps of skin red from exertion, gazed at me in purported wisdom.  He came with the Throne, mores-the-pity, along with the Crown.  He too had inherited his position, as High Counselor, but it seemed the Gods left out true intelligence when they created this grotesque caricature of a man.

I sat and listened on as two pensioners continued to plead thier case to the Crown; not me, I just wore the silly thing.  Granmeri Irosa had suggested, well told me, which minor lordling I would favor with my judgment.  She also advised me on how to quell my idiotic High Counselor.

The two Nobles, glaring daggers at each other, finished their closing statements and Lord Rasondi, High Counselor, Duke of Kossmira asked in his wheezing voice, “Your Highness.  If I may make a suggestion?”

To which I replied, “Only, if you can carry it out with you, when you leave.”

Granmeri had no use for those who could not make use of their own suggestions.


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