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Home, again

In Writing on December 23, 2009 at 1:59 am

Isabella gripped the rough tree bark as wolves prowled below.  They didn’t howl, didn’t snarl, nor did they snap at each other; they circled, watching her.  White fur faded into the snow until she could only make out the black dots of their eyes and nose.

Exhausted, she rested her head on her shoulder.  Feeling her body begin to slide, Isabella hugged the thin pine as hard as she could.  She had run for hours as the pack chased her through the forest.  Now nearing the end of her strength, Isabella wondered why they had never attacked.  She was sure they’d had plenty of opportunity. 

Isabella threw a startled look above her as she heard a limb break.  But there was nothing there.  She looked around, confused.  The frigid air sapped her mind and muscles.  Her eyelids drooped but she couldn’t make herself care.  Weary to the bone, she sensed more than saw the hands that reached for her.

Isabella ’s mother looked up apprehensively as the door opened.  Gabriel , coming in, noticed and said,

“She’s fine.  Gave me a bit of a run she did.”

Gently, he laid her in bed and gazed upon the daughter he’d never known.


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