Short stories, Flash fiction, and Novel Excerpts

Just a little fiction

Do you love to write fiction? Whether they are big or small, works of fiction can take you places you’ve never been and let emotions bubble to the surface you sometimes don’t expect. Just a Little Fiction allows readers and writers to experience fiction in the form of daily, 200 word short stories.

Each day a new story will be posted for you to read and enjoy. Submissions are free for writers and anyone can submit. For more details read our submissions page. You are only a short step away from writing a story to capture all of our imaginations.

Just a Little Fiction’s goal is to provide a resource for writers to improve their writing and for readers to get a quick view into a fiction world. While some of us may not have time to dig into a wonderful novel, the short stories published every day on Just a Little Fiction are sure to amuse, enlighten and entertain us.

Also be sure to check out the archives for all the past stories. Or use the literary agent list to put together a targeted query group after you’ve finished writing your novel. And make sure to join the forums for any discussion about writing.

So without further ado… scroll down to read what today’s writer has submitted for our enjoyment!


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