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In Writing on December 13, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Jennifer pulled into her father’s driveway after midnight.  Leaving school nine hours ago for spring break, she hoped to surprise her Dad.  She hadn’t seen him in a year.

She let herself in using her key.  Walking down the dim hallway she headed to the kitchen.  Rounding the corner she stopped.  A woman in an over-large shirt and nothing else had beaten her to the fridge.

“Who are you?” Jennifer demanded.

The woman spun around, “Wha–?” she gasped.

An indrawn breath drew Jennifer’s attention.  She caught only a glimpse of ghostly white buttocks.

“Dad?” she asked.

Hearing a door slam galvanized her into action and she ran through the living room toward the back of the house.  A slight rustling brought her to a door, a coat closet.  Yanking the door open, she saw her father wearing an inside-out long winter coat. 

With pounding footsteps the woman ran up to them. 

Demanding simultaneously, “Who is this person?”

“Uhm, Kate, this is my daughter, Jennifer.  Jennifer, this is your, uhm, step-mother, Kate,” Dad explained.

Jennifer slammed the door shut and said, “We need to talk.”

Turning the lock on the doorknob Kate replied, “I think we do.”

By:  Ben Pollard