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Witch Hunt

In Writing on December 16, 2009 at 1:19 am

The flames licked at my feet.  Writhing, I struggled against the ropes tying me to the stake.  Too late, my filth encrusted shift caught fire.  I lifted my gaze to the crowd surrounding me

  Mouths gaped and eyebrows crawled across scalps as they witnessed their folly.  They’d roved through the countryside, murdering hundreds of innocent girls, surprised at now finding a real Witch.

Ablaze, my bonds dropped away in clumps of ash.  Stretching, I ran my fingers through my flame-burnished hair. 

The cleansing, purifying power of fire, ha! 

I winced as my skin stretched and smoothed.  I grabbed the stake, pain wracked, as the ravages of time fell away as slag.

Reborn a young woman, I subdued the flames to a chorus of shocked cries and terrified moans. 

Oh, how I wished I could make them rue this day!  Unfortunately, the Covenant protected them.

I pulled the stake, burning end to end, from the pile.  Head high, I looked down my nose at them.

“You slime.  Vermin,” I swept my gaze across those still gathered.

“Warts on a toad’s back!” 

I held out my fiery brand, laying it horizontal in the air, and left it there as I walked around the charred remains of my funeral pyre.  I threw my arms out in challenge,

“Who among you thinks he has the right to judge me?”

 I pointed into the crowd,

“You Father Peter?  Should your dirty secrets come to light?” 

My laughter chased him across the village. 

A dirty face caught my eye,

“What of you Margaret?  Should we tell your husband now, or later?”

 Several men looked down, shoulders sagging. 

“Bah!  Cowards, all of you!”

Naked and triumphant, I sat astride my blazing Stake and flew off into the night, my piercing laughter ringing in their ears, “Aaaaa hahahahaaaa!”