Short stories, Flash fiction, and Novel Excerpts

Writing Excuses

Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry and we’re not that smart.

Brandon, Howard and Dan discuss writing.

Brandon Sanderson is the best-selling fantasy novelist of the MISTBORN series. His novel ELANTRIS was chosen by Barnes and Noble as the best science fiction or fantasy book of 2005, and his works have been translated into fourteen languages. In 2007, he released his first children’s novel, ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBARARIANS. Brandon has a Master’s Degree in creative writing, and in his spare time he teaches a science fiction and fantasy themed creative writing class at Brigham Young University. In December of 2007, Robert Jordan’s estate announced that Brandon would be completing the final book in the WHEEL OF TIME series following Mr. Jordan’s untimely death earlier in the year.

Howard Tayler is the artist and writer of the immensely popular webcomic SCHLOCK MERCENARY. The witty writing and epic stroylines of his comic have earned it praise from across the writing community. Analog magazine called his work “Inventive and Humorous.” Websnark noted that “Taylor has written a tightly plotted, measured and controlled storyline, which has pulled off a remarkable trick: it’s a hard SF comedy.” New York Times best-selling science fiction novelist John Ringo, a big fan of Schlock Mercenary, said that “Howard’s inventiveness seems limitless.” Howard has published three Schlock Mercenary collections to date, the latest of which is titled THE TUB OF HAPPINESS. It can be found on Howard’s website and through

Daniel Wells is a newcomer on the professional writing scene. A bachelor’s in English has led him to a successful career as a corporate writer for close to ten years. He recently received an offer on his first horror novel, I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, from Tor books.







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